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Lore (noun) a body of traditions and knowledge held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

Tech culture (noun) a tradition passed down through our companies, communities, friends, and families.

Our tribal knowledge is shared within companies and acolytes of languages, frameworks or methodologies and each sect of our community has it’s own distinct traditions and best practices for success. Let’s work together to share our lore, acknowledge our intersectionality and lift each other up in growth.

At TechLore we’re coming together to build a community that promotes self awareness and exploration through literature. Let’s empower each other and stay accountable as we critically look at how our work impacts modern society and the greater world.

Our posts focus on the latest literature that addresses empowerment, entrepreneurship, culture, social justice, and inclusion through the lens of technology.

TechLore was started in January 2017 by Laura Montoya as a reading group and social impact initiative and after it’s first year, has shifted to a community forum and blog.


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